Hello! I'm Gaddafi Rusli,
a digital product designer
and serial indie maker.

I'm currently leading a product design team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For the past 10 years, I was involved in designing digital products for several startups across various categories – from news network, rewards platform, mobile payment and many more.


Side Projects

Outside of work, I enjoy building simple tools & products as an excuse to continue my passion in coding & learning new technology. Here are some of the projects I've launched so far.


A web-based design tool to create beautiful device mockup images for your app

2018 Design & web development Visit project


A tool to find and generate commonly-used icons for your project.

2018 Design & web development Visit project


A macOS app to record your design, prototype & simulator with nicer device frame overlay.

2018 Design, web & app development Visit project


The easiest and fastest way to search for Unsplash photos on macOS & Windows

2017 Design, web & app development

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  • Randamn


    Random pattern generator
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  • Split

    Split shape

    Figma plugin to split a shape into multiple instances
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  • Habit

    Habit for Mac

    Track the little habits to achieve your personal goals
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  • Manualicons


    Custom icon set for video & image editor app
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  • Preview

    Preview in browser

    Sketch plugin to view your design in browser
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Recent works

Here is a gallery of random design I've made at work in the past few years - in no particular order. Some of the design shown here may or may not ended up in the real products.

Tonton hold

As the only designer in this local streaming platform product, I went on to redesign the whole mobile and web product from the ground up.

However, during development, the company decided to reduce the scope and not to continue with the original plan.

Tonton sample2

Several illustrations that I created for hero and empty states throughout the product

Tonton illu 1Tonton illu 2

I joined this company to lead a small team of 2 to introduce a proper design culture into an existing product.

Over several months, we manage to redesign most of the core interfaces and experiences for this service marketplace startup

Kaodim home 2
Kaodim web home
Kaodim app sample
Fave swipe app

As the first designer for this fitness cum mobile commerce company, I get to design a lot of interesting concepts for features that were explored during the early days.

Fave phones
Fave phones 2